Kasic, Biljana

PhD in Social Sciences and Humanities - interdisciplinary degree. Program coordinator of the Centre for Women's Studies, Zagreb, Croatia. Co-editor of various books. Co-founder of several women's groups and organizations in Croatia (including Zagreb Women's Lobby, Autonomous Women's House, Centre for Women War Victims among others). Lecturer at the Centre äs well äs visiting guest lecturer at various faculties in the region and abroad. Subjects of interest include: feminist epistemology, issues of identity, aesthetic of the public domain, violence against women. 

Contact: zenstud@zamir.net



  • Aufsatz: Women`s Studies: Ideological Images, Common Problems and Dilemmas, in: Jähnert, Gabriele u.a. (Hrsg.): Gender in Transition in Eastern and Central Europe Proceedings, trafo verlag 2001, 385 S., ISBN 3-89626-326-9