Einhorn, Barbara

Born 1942, PhD in GDR Literature and Society. Director of the Research Centre in Women’s Studies, University of Sussex. Main research topic: gender identity and Jewishness: German Jews after 1945. Further areas of research: 1) Nationalism, Citizenship and Gender; 2) Politics, Social Policy and Gender Equity; 3) Gender Issues of Marketisation and Economic Restructuring: Comparing East Central Europe and China.

Contact: B.Einhorn@sussex.ac.uk

Publikationen (Auswahl):

  • Aufsatz: The armed Forces as a Place of Social Construction of Gender: Women in the Russian Military, in: Jähnert, Gabriele u.a. (Hrsg.): Gender in Transition in Eastern and Central Europe Prpceedings, trafo verlag 2001, 385 S., ISBN 3-89626-326-9