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Böhnke, Dietmar/Brusberg-Kiermeier, Stefani/Drexler, Peter:

„Victorian Highways, Victorian Byways. New Approaches to Nineteenth-century British Literature and Culture”

[= Potsdamer Beiträge zur Kultur-und Sozialgeschichte, Band 8] 2009, 386 S., ISBN 978-3-89626-939-3, 39,80 EUR

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The contributions to this volume cover a wide spectrum of subjects from Victorian literature and culture, some of them beyond the pale of established research and teaching, hence the title „Victorian Highways – Victorian Byways”. They range from journalism, leisure and popular culture to the study of gender and the emotions, visual culture and the afterlife of  Victorian culture in the present. While addressing students of nineteenth-century British literature and culture, pains have been taken to make these articles  usable for the classroom and attractive to the more general reader.


Die Beiträge dieses Bandes behandeln ein breites Spektrum von Themen aus dem Bereich der viktorianischen Literatur und Kultur, darunter Journalismus, Populärkultur, visuelle Kultur, Fragen von Gender und Gefühlsdispositionen und das Nachleben viktorianischer Themen im 20. und 21. Jahrhundert. Die Artikel wenden sich an ein interessiertes Fachpublikum, sind jedoch durch ihre didaktische Aufbereitung auch für die akademische Lehre gut geeignet.



Table of Contents



Dietmar Böhnke, Stefani Brusberg-Kiermeier, Peter Drexler



Visual Culture


Victorian Women Artists: Their Quest for Independence and Professional Artistic Training

Anna Havemann


St George’s Hall in Liverpool: Victorian Architecture and the Meanings of Public Space

Doris Teske


Labour and Gender: Ford Madox Brown’s Work and Victorian Navvy Stories

Peter Drexler



Gender and Emotions            


“Always Look at the Bright Side of Things”, or: How to Be Happy in Mid-Victorian Britain

Jana Gohrisch


Drudges and Lassies: Working-Class Women in Nineteenth-Century Britain – Exploitation, Aestheticisation, Eroticisation

Ingrid von Rosenberg


Transgressive Melodrama: The ‘Sensational’ 1860s and Their After-Effects

Merle Tönnies


Magnetic Minds: The Victorian Mesmeric Craze

Betsy van Schlun             



Journalism, Leisure and Popular Culture


Journalism and Literature in the Victorian Period: The Cases of Charles Dickens and William Makepeace Thackeray

Jürgen Enkemann


The British Music Hall – Between Politics and Entertainment

Andrea Kinsky-Ehritt


“A World of Topsy-Turvydom” – Popular Culture, Victorian Theatre, and Gilbert and Sullivan Opera

Stefani Brusberg-Kiermeier


Values Encaged: The Victorian Zoo

Stefan Welz



Rewritings and Revisions


Neo-Victorianism: The Victorian Age in Postmodern British Fiction and Film

Dietmar Böhnke


Rewriting A Victorian Master Narrative: Emma Tennant’s

Two Women of London: Ms Jekyll and Mrs Hyde (1989)

Alexandra Lembert


The 1900 House: Squeezing Late-Victorian Life onto the Small Screen

Rainer Emig